A Healthier Lifestyle Going Forward

Me after my workoutBack at blogging!

Exercise and healthy eating habits have become something that I have made part of my life, with a healthy mindset as well. Although I am not perfect I always am mindful of eating wholesome meals and being active.

What works for me

As far as exercise, 30 minute workouts are my preferred max time. I can’t work out more than that, and honestly there is just too much going on in the day. As a mom of 2 kids who need attention constantly and I feel bad when I am not giving them the attention they need. With a 30 minute workout I can do it early in the morning before they wake up so I don’t feel guilty and it starts up my day.

When it comes to eating I don’t like restricting myself of anything specific. I have tried all the types of “diets” out there – vegan, vegetarian, and paleo. I would like to think that I eat a combination of all of those, and indulge in sweets that have ingredients I can pronounce. I’m not perfect though!

I believe it’s important to remember that being mindful is what matters. Don’t be so hard on yourself and make it simple!

What I am doing this week:

Keeping at this 21 Day Fix workout and determined to finish the 21 days! Thinking about my next workout program after I finish this one up. I realize that I like variety so it has to encompass lifting weights, cardio and yoga!

As far as food this week we are keeping it simple and I’m cooking. I’ve thought about themed food days like Taco Tuesday and stuff to make it easier to plan out the week. I need to be better at eating more veggies, too.

Goals for the long run:

Having a running list of healthy recipes we can rotate every week. I tend to gravitate towards quick cooking meals, so it’s definitely a process! I should probably organize it on Pinterest or something!

Get rid of my puffy belly! I am determined to have a flatter tummy and would love to see some ab definition!

Those are the big 2 goals I have for now, but I’m sure more will come up.

Keeping Consistency

I know I had skipped 2 days of blogging, but to be honest… nothing too eventful happened in the past 2 days besides my daily, workout, go to work, pick up the kids, and make dinner and go to bed.

Today I did work out this morning like I had planned, went to work, picked up the kids and made dinner.

Not to say that the routine is a bad thing!

Keeping consistent is so important when you are incorporating a healthy lifestyle. It keeps you on track to making good decisions when there is temptation. Not to say that you can’t treat yourself once in a while, but it’s always important to remember why you are eating healthy, and why you exercise everyday. When you are consistent, you see improvement! It’s not a bad thing at all. And while yes, it is good to have spontaneity in life, always remember to make good healthy decisions majority of the time! :)

Some Days Are Wins, Others Not So Much

One win this morning was that I got up to workout like I had planned to. I was so happy I got it done and it was out of the way for the day.

Before I even got to work two things happened that I wasn’t too happy about:

  1. My crown fell out as I was flossing, resulting in a gap in between my teeth!
  2. My 3 year old didn’t want me to leave him at all, causing him to act hysterical as I left him with his grandparents for the day. Also, before that he was crying so much it caused his nose to start bleeding.

Happy Monday! Not really.

Fried egg cooked in coconut oil, chicken apple sausages from Trader Joes and Pan fried zucchini and cauliflower.
Fried egg cooked in coconut oil, chicken apple sausages from Trader Joes and Pan fried zucchini and cauliflower.

But at the end of the day, my crown was cemented back in, my 3 year old was happy to see me and I made a nice, healthy dinner, knowing that I had done what I wanted to do as well, which was make time to workout! As a busy working mom, routines are essential and planning out everything is vital to making sure you get things done!

I still rush out of the door in the mornings, heck, even leave the house with my oldest not wearing any shoes, but I am hoping to improve and be more organized.