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Tramadol is the name of an opioid that’s made use of for pain management. It has been researched for several other uses. It has also made a name for recreational use. Thedrug effects users in various ways.  Generally, the positive effects include euphoria, lessened anxiety, pain relief, sedation and anoverall sense of welfare. The bad […]

Reasons For The Popularity Of The Online Medical Stores

With the internet becoming indispensable and an integral part of human life, people crave and look forward to convenience. Today you will come across plenty of medical stores online offering the opportunity to buy the drugs easily. These stores have become popular with time as more and more people buy their medicines online. The primary […]

Are you Eligible for EEOICPA Compensation?

If you have been working in a facility recognized by the Department of Labor and you have work-related health problems, there may be good news for you. The chances are that you are eligible for benefits under the EEOICPA – Energy Employees Occupational Illness Program Act. One of the most common questions among former employees […]