3 Things Trainers Wish Everyone Knew About Weight Loss 


It’s as if weight loss is a big secret with pills, potions, fat wraps and books promising magical results. Everyone wants to know the key to losing weight and keeping it off. One moment, the latest diet trend issues jaw dropping transformations. The next minute, you realize it’s another weight fluctuating roller coaster ride. Experts at Portland.muvfitnessclub.com will tell you there’s no mystery in weight loss.

Losing weight doesn’t come without commitment to a healthy diet and consistent workout. Still, you could cut out all the runaround (pun intended) if you learn what trainers want you to know about weight loss.

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different

Losing weight for you may take more time or a different strategy all together. You may have to eat differently, do more cardio or more weights. Resting periods may be shorter for you or intensity may be higher. Your body may process carbs differently, so you may need more protein in your diet. Whatever the case, you must learn your body and not get caught in the comparison trap.

You don’t have to workout like a maniac to lose weight

No one enjoys an over strenuous workout. Even if you don’t strain or injure your body, it’s unlikely you will want to keep training. Plus, it won’t help you shed pounds any faster. It’s much better to do a variety of activities you enjoy and eat a wide array of healthy foods. Focus on having fun and being consistent. Before you know it, your habits will transform into results.

Have a goal and tackle it in small bites

If you want to make progress, you have to make a goal. Take action steps to reach your ultimate goal. It could be weekly or monthly accomplishments. The overall goal doesn’t have to be weight loss to lose weight. You could focus on improving your endurance, lifting capacity, or how you eat.

Make sure you can track and measure the goal. For instance, compare the amount of miles you ran in 30 minutes this month versus what you did last month. If you put in the work and meet the goals, the results will show.


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