6 Reasons to Start Playing Social Netball in London

Social netball games are becoming increasingly popular throughout London. With a variety of leagues offering regular games throughout their season, netball players have the chance to play alongside friends and colleagues, while also getting the chance to meet all kinds of new and interested people.

Thinking about playing some social netball in London but aren’t convinced? Here are six reasons to join today

You don’t have to a be a great player

Not the best netball player out there but enjoy playing regardless? You aren’t the only one! Most people playing social netball are doing it as a fun pastime, so there isn’t too much of a focus on skill and experience.

There certainly are competitions available for more experienced netball players, but there are leagues available throughout London, meaning there is one for virtually every level of player! You can even join as complete beginner!

Netball is a great way to stay healthy

As anyone that has played can testify, netball is tiring work! A fast and frantic game, you can expect a great cardio workout that burns plenty of calories, making social netball a fine alternative to the gym or going out running!

Lots of socialising

Being part of any sports team is a very sociable experience. Not only do you get to regularly train and play with your fellow teammates, there is an opportunity to meet new people playing in the same league as yours.

After all, while there is a certain dose of healthy competition, most social netball games are about meeting up and having fun playing a game of netball. Expect to enjoy a great social life with your netball team – what better way to celebrate a win than hitting the town with your teammates!

You don’t need to be part of a team to join

While a team sport, individuals are welcome to join almost every social netball league in London. You can be assigned to a random team (which is a great way to meet new people) or put in a team with a few of your mates if you don’t have enough to form your own team.

It doesn’t cost much

Playing social netball is very inexpensive – especially when compared to the price of a gym membership! For instance, you can expect to pay under £100 for an entire season, which consists of plenty of games so it probably works out as under £10 per week.

Most leagues provide everything you need to play too, including equipment, bibs, and match umpires – you mostly just need to turn up with some suitable athletic clothing!

Men can play too

It’s often wrongly assumed that netball is a female-only sport, but most social netball leagues feature mixed teams. This is quite notable as not many social sports leagues feature mixed-gender teams, making it a great opportunity for male and female friends to play alongside each other.

There are plenty of places to play in London

London is a big city, so it’s not surprising to see there are many different leagues throughout the capital. This is ideal for finding a league that plays nearby to your home or work, helping to save time and money on unnecessarily long commutes!


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