Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

What is a Personal Trainer?

personal trainer is a fitness specialist who designs specific exercise or workout programs for you based on your present level of fitness and conditioning. These programs will usually include both aerobic and weight training programs and are based on goals established by you, the client.

The assistance of the trainer will fall into four categories:


Let’s face it–we are all creatures of habit and sometimes we need a little help to get us moving in the right direction. We all know we need to do something to improve our fitness because proper physical conditioning can not only add years to our life, but also life to our years! With all new clients we will provide an assessment which will include resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition and body measurements. This will enable you to track and to take pride in the progress you are making through your exercise program. We will remind you that proper exercise and nutrition will slow the aging process and we will help you visualize the body you really want to have for the rest of your life.


We will provide you the information that you need in order to achieve your goals safely and effectively. This is the “what to do” of the workout or exercise program. Nothing is more frustrating than to spend time on a program that is not helping you look the way you want to look and feel the way you want to feel. This program will be personalized just for you and will be based on your own goals.


The training we provide is on a one-on-one basis. Training is by appointment only so you are assured of uninterrupted personal attention by your instructor. This is the “how to do” of the workout program. You will follow an individualized workout card which details the exact program with your instructor. Your program will be updated every four to eight weeks depending on your individual progress.


You may be wondering how you can be sure you will stay with your program. Obviously there are no guarantees, but we will assure you of the following:

  • Your workout will be as upbeat and enjoyable as possible
  • We will celebrate your progress and track your improvement
  • Your friends and co-workers will begin to admire your new appearance and energy
  • Support and encouragement will be available when you “fall off the wagon”
  • You will begin to see and believe in the long-term benefits of fitness

Personal Training Online

You can even get a custom-made program and answers to all of your exercise and diet questions from an online fitness trainer who will continue to work with you as your and trainer to insure you reach your fitness goals.

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