Bring In Control For Insomnia And Panic Attacks With Etizest

There are people who need to rest their body so that they do not experience different anxiety during the waking hours. The Etizes tablets of 0.5mg is mostly prescribed to bring in this desired sleep when your body is tried and mind is wide awake. Often people experience panic attacks and anxiety disorder due to a prolonged insomnia.  This medication gives instant relief from these attacks of anxiety and panic and helps you to sleep for hours and give rest to your mind. Sometimes you can take this as a preventive measure against different conditions that you face that can lead to a bout of insomnia in the near future.

Effects of the tablet

The tablets of power 0.5mg to 1mg are given as an anti-conversant for the skeletal muscles that will help the body to relax. The Etizest is given to treat different conditions of the body like panic attacks, severe anxiety and to give relief to the body from continuous days of sleeplessness. This medicine has hypnotic properties and will bring in calmness that will allow the patient to sleep and rest the troubled mind. This is similar to benzodiazepine class and manages your anxiety and tension is a smooth way. This is also a good way to get rid of insomnia that is happening for a short period of time.

Some side effects

The 0.25mg tablet is also used for treatment of short term insomnia. There are no serious side effects and so you can take it without much concern. But you should consult your medical specialist if you are taking any other medication for some different ailments. There are side effects life sleepiness and dizziness when you start taking the medicine. There are also tiredness, confusion and slight depression when the patient tries to transfer from the anxiety attacks to a stable state. This medication will make the patient sleep for long hours but slowly the time of sleeping will become shorter as the anxiety attacks will get lower and less severe.

Dosage for the medicines

The dose must be taken as advised by your physician. The tablet must be swallowed in whole and you must not crush or chew it for consuming. The medicine must also be taken at a fixed time. The medication will increase the activities of the chemical messenger of the brain called GABA. Then the nerves of the brain will come to normal activities from its excessive fast and abnormal state.  This medication has to be taken for short or long term anxiety management.

Sleeping at regular hours

When it is short term management of anxiety – you should go to 3mg of the medication in a day. This can also be taken once at night, just before your bedtime. The effect of this tablet Etizest will bring in sedation and enhanced respiratory effects. This one gives effects similar to these other drugs. The features of this medication are very effective and it is also packed with hygiene and good for giving quick results. The effects of the medicine are observed within an hour of taking the medication. The effects also last for about 8 hours. Mostly the patient get to sleep for some long hours initially and slowly they get rid of the total feeling of anxiety and being restless in sleep. They get to take the medication at particular time and sleeps comfortably during the regular hours of sleep.

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