Couple Counseling That Leaves A Positive Mark

Ah, the myth of the ‘happily ever after’ storyline. Fairy tales and movies lead us to believe that exchanging of vows is the pinnacle of a relationship. That the bliss that a couple feels during their marriage is perpetual. Unfortunately, reality says otherwise. But then again, a perpetually happy marriage is still vulnerable to divorce.

Imagine a person who got their wish to be happy all the time. Eventually, they’ll feel numb to that feeling of bliss. They end up unsure of whether their state is being happy or not really. Contrasting emotions like sadness make happiness what it is.

Some people decide to carry the burden of responsibilities and obligation. Although their intent initially was to make life easier for their partners, what they end up doing is driving a wedge into their relationship. A feeling of dejection builds up and consequently leads to loathing towards their partner for not doing their part.

Ensuring Open Communication

In any relationship, even outside the context of romantic relationships, communication is always the key to keeping it stronger. A person who bottles up their problem eventually alienates their partner. Reputable counselors like Colleen Hurll Counselling recommends working hard to keep lines open.

It’s best to remember in trying times that responsibilities, obligations, and problems should be to the knowledge of both parties. Any feeling of being left to their own devices should be brought up. The worst case scenario is that the other party will reject helping. Either for legitimate reasons or simply a case of a bad personal trait.

Unfortunately, if it’s the latter, repairing a marriage can get trickier than usual. As they say, “It takes two to tango.” If one party isn’t open to communicating their concerns and putting in the effort to make the relationship work, it’s a huge obstacle.

Communication isn’t just about constantly saying “I love you”.

No Shame In Asking For Help

When working things out is apparently impossible for a couple, the best recourse is to seek intervention. For some people, the idea of doing such a thing is appalling. This is feeling is totally understandable. It is, after all, an acknowledgment that the relationship is one step away from contacting divorce lawyers.

However, the awkward feeling of asking for a counselor’s help won’t last long. Couples who have legitimate intentions of keeping their marriage, whether for the sake of their children or their own relationship, will soon find out that it’s the push – or pull – they need to stay together.

It’s okay to feel bad. But at least face one another.


The Right Counselor Matters

It’s worth noting that just like any service or products, finding the right counselor matters a lot. Not all of them have the same level of effectiveness, passion, and professionalism. Experience is a huge factor, of course, but other factors should also be taken into account.

There are also reviews found in blogs – particularly from couples who are enjoying a newfound respect and love for one another after a successful series of counseling. A friendly relationship counselling Bella Vista like Colleen Hurll has an extensive list of satisfied couples.

A good takeaway in choosing the right counselor for the job is that there’s such a thing as consultation. As much as how keeping a relationship is important, so is ensuring that a marriage or relationship counselor is up to the task and objective.

Post Author: Harold D. Ford

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