Crowdfunding for Making Free Birth Control Available To Women from Disadvantaged SES Groups

Since women got the right to vote, they have come a long way. We now have women in all kinds of professions. As time has passed and the chains of patriarchy have been broken, women have gotten more experimental with their bodies. However, women from disadvantaged economic sections, i.e., SES groups have had to bear the brunt of sexual experimentation. Because of a lack of knowledge or funds, a lot of them have had to go through unwanted pregnancies. This let me be very clear, can happen within the confines of a marriage too.

Birth control is important to women, especially SES women as the other alternative is the traumatic process of abortion or giving birth to a baby you cannot take care of.  Crowdfunding India can help you with this. The most immediate issue pertaining to disadvantaged women is money. Impact Guru is one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in India. We can help you harvest the power of the public, by writing a fundraising plea, briefly explaining what your project is.

Part of the reason why Crowdfunding India is so common is because of the income disparity in this country. A lot of resources are stuck in the hands of a few people mostly men. We need to realize that it is important to donate to the poor women of our country. It is on their backbones that our nation runs. Therefore, these women cannot be compromised in any way. They are absolutely valuable, unlike what we mostly think-that they are petty, small objects. Because we tend to think of SES women this way, many injustices are committed on them and the culprits get away. Beginning from sex work to rape, women need birth control. And not just one kind of birth control but all kinds of them. Providing access to such a facility can help us create a better future for this country. It is only logical that women should make the decision of using birth control pills as it is from their bodies that childbirth happens. The onus of birth control may be on both partners, but women need it more.

How can you start this fundraiser? Why do you not go to our page at and start a fundraiser. You can share the link to this fundraiser on your social media accounts. Once we have done that, your plea will be shared by many people. Our expert campaign manager is going to guide you through this process. The advantage to doing this is that this entire business is done online. None of this is offline. Since this is a process of collecting money over the world wide web, you can get funding from all over the world. This is why NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding are so common. Crowdfunding India can therefore make a lot of change happen and we at Impact Guru can be the facilitator of those changes.


Post Author: Marcellus M. Chapman

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