Facial therapy, for having a glowing look on skin

Facial therapy refers to the process of skin healing, leaving it with a clear and radiant look. Facial therapists are trained skin experts who use customized treatments for the curing of skin related problems.There are many treatment methods available nowadays. One must use the best combination of facial treatments according to skin type. For best answers to skin queries, one must refer to facial therapist for.a brief consultation.

Different types of facial therapy programs are provided below.

Oxygen facial: Oxygen facial aids in effective skin recovery by preventing the undue effects of skin’s exposure to free radicals. It helps in restoring natural moisture to the skin and enhancing collagen production. Oxygen facial ultimately gives a golden glow to the skin. Oxygen facial is most amenable to those who do not follow a proper or regular skin regime. It also enables skin healing for people whose complexion has degraded due to excessive makeup.

Skin renewal: Loss of hydration in the epidermal layer is resolved by skin renewal program. Diets which are unhealthy lead to the imbalance of acidic and alkaline levels in the skin. Skin renewal helps in balancing the proportion. Hence, a skin will get rejuvenated or replenished. With regular application, a skin will be protected off fine lines and wrinkles for many years.

V-shape and lift facial: V-Shape and lift facial treats skin ailments such as reduced skin elasticity, wrinkles, lines and crow feet around eyes. A sag in cheek and jowls is mitigated in this way.You can visit https://www.nourifbc.com/ for more details about the same.

Aqua peel facial: Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to remove impurities out from the sensitive skin.Aqua peel facial helps in treating sensitive skin with the application of off-the-shelf cleansers and masks. The process comprises of thorough exfoliation and reduction of skin impurities by draining through pores using concentrated jets of high-pressure water. There will be no painful.extractions or redness post treatment. This treatment method is well suited for people with clogged pores filled with sebum. Complete skin healing needs 4 to 5 sessions.

Microdermabrasion treatment with Fractional Laser: Microdermabrasion is an effective skin treatment technique. It is used to cure acne, scarring, scar tissue due to chicken pox or other deformities on the outer skin.Fractional laser clears away impurities deep inside the skin. It also helps in skin resurfacing for pores and exfoliation.

Carbon facial treatment: Carbon facial refers to a treatment technique wherein a layer of Carbon is applied on the face. Next, heat laser of medium frequency is applied. Gradually, the natural skin healing properties are activated. The skin cells underlying the external layer get stimulated.


  1. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the skin
  2. It reduces open pores
  3. It frees the skin of acne-causing bacteria and redness.
  4. It keeps secretion of sebum oil below safe limits.

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