Four Ways to Be More Productive with Your Training Session

It can take a lot of effort for many people to go to the gym for a workout. After working all day, you may not have the energy to go to the gym even though you know it is good for you. This is why you want to make the most of every workout session and be as productive as possible in the gym. Becoming more productive with your training session is challenging, but not impossible and this is where an experienced personal trainer can help.

 Personal trainers, especially those who have completed acclaimed Birmingham based PT courses, can help you make the most out of every workout and become more productive enabling you to reach your goals. Consult with a personal trainer to see whether you should incorporate these elements into your personal training plan and use them to reach your fitness goals today.

  1. Start with dynamic stretches: When performing dynamic stretches, you move through a wide range of different stretching activities, instead of holding in one place. If you do it properly, dynamic stretches should progressively raise your heart rate and body temperature as your muscles warm up, your body becomes primed for activities. After a dynamic warm up session, you will also have improved range of motion making certain exercises easier. Dynamic warm-up is ideal before your do a strength training session.
  2. Use foam rolling: Foam rolling will improve your range of motion. You will be able to get more results from push-ups, lunges and squats. After spending hours in the office, foam rolling can relieve any tightness and release knots in the muscle fascia. Any tightness in your muscles will limit your ability to perform a full range of motion and can also prevent you from getting the full benefit of any physical exercise.
  3. Focus more on strength training: It is important to become familiar with strength training methods. If you want to move better and prevent injury, it is important to have stronger muscles. After performing strength training for many years, your bone density will increase, which is useful for preventing osteoporosis and fractures in later ages. People naturally undergo age-related muscle loss, but strength training will slow it down, making you more active longer. Strength training also has an effect in easing blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke as well as various cardiovascular issues.
  4. Minimize rest period between exercises: If you want to get more results, you shouldn’t rest more than necessary. Rest is essential to give your muscle a break after an intense set, but if you rest too long, your heart rate will return to normal, making your training session less effective.

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