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Many women have experienced problems with their sexual functions at some point. This can sometimes result in sexual dysfunction if not checked immediately. Female sexual dysfunction refers to the lack of sexual sensations and response during sexual activities. This can occur at any stage in life but is usually noticed in the later years. When this happens, it is advisable to seek medical assistance and a good physician like Dr. Catherine Vanderloos, MD will provide you with the best medication. If you still need suggestions, sexual dysfunction Shreveport clinics can cure your problem at the soonest.


If a woman feels like they have problems in feeling pleased during sexual situations, it is best to talk to their partner, if not, talk to a professional doctor for advice and possibly have a follow up check up to see the cause of the problem. The following are the typical symptoms of women suffering from sexual dysfunction:

  •    Decrease or low in sexual desire

It is common for women who have sexual dysfunction to have less to no interest in sexual situations

  •    Arousal problems (sexual arousal disorder)

The incapability to feel aroused during intercourse. Women might have a strong desire to participate in sexual activities, but it takes too long for them to feel aroused.

  •    Problems in achieving orgasms

The difficulty of attaining orgasm after enough stimulation and arousal.

  •    Sexual pains

Pelvic problems during sexual intercourse are most common in older women. Some pains felt by women are those that resonate through the vagina when in contact during intercourse.


There is a lot of factors that can cause a woman’s sexual function to falter. These factors include physical, hormonal, psychological and social which is highly the reason for the dysfunction.

  •    Physical

Sexual dysfunction can sometimes be caused by medical conditions such as bladder problems, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illness which can sometimes cause hormonal imbalance and can affect a woman’s sexual desire. Hormonal imbalance caused by menopausal can also affect the sexual function as hormones can manipulate a woman’s arousal and genital sensations.

  •    Medical Treatments

Medications such as antidepressants, heart problems medications, and other prescribed drugs for specific diseases can also lead to changes in a woman’s sexual response. Some of these drugs can decrease a female’s sexual desire, making it hard to be able to experience pleasure from their partners.

  •    Psychological and social

Anxiety and depression are the most common problems when dealing with the psychological and social causes of sexual dysfunction. Other reasons include an experience of abuse and conflicts with the past and current relationship. Cultural and religious practices can also contribute to the decrease of sexual responsiveness of a woman.


Sexual dysfunctions should be checked and treated immediately to avoid further complications. The treatment depends on the results of the checkup with the doctor. With Dr, Vanderloos expertise, she can accommodate your sexual dysfunction problems and offer you hormonal boosts needed to increase your sexual desires. You can visit her clinic in Shreveport, LA and book an appointment now. Regain your sexuality and improve your sexual desires for you and your partner to enjoy.

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