Why Should Hospitals Rethink Their Medical Equipment Procurement Strategy?

The time has come when hospitals should do a serious rethink about their medical equipment procurement strategy. They can’t go on trusting the old-world model of heavy reliance on the network of suppliers and distributors when the world is switching towards the web. With advancements in technologies, healthcare providers are better off these days in buying medical equipment and replenishing their stock. The internet today has become a wonderful source of buying equipment in a hassle-free manner. Before benefiting from this new model of sourcing medical equipment, hospitals need to know a lot of other things as well and plan the move accordingly.

Here are some of reasons why hospitals should rethink about their medical equipment procurement strategy –

Conventional model of procurement is not beneficial any more  

More and more hospitals now look to shun their reliance on conventional model of procuring medical equipment since the benefits associated with it are dwindling. Delivery schedules are tardy, quality equipment is not a guarantee always and price benefits too are not forthcoming the way it should. And with technology making rapid strides and online stores getting popular by the day, there is no reason why hospitals should hold back and not benefit from the change in the market dynamics. Naturally, the conventional model of procurement has failed to match the pace and value addition of the online store offering quality at economical prices.

Online stores are full of benefits to hospitals

Needless to say, online medical stores are the way forward as they bring a variety of benefits to hospitals and clinics in any part of the country. Right from offering world-class medical equipment to giving discount benefits to buyers, these are the source to believe and benefit from. Buyers can find virtually all top brands and healthcare manufacturers listing their medical products and reaching to the market in an easy manner. Plus, buyers are set to get the kind of value they had never achieved with the traditional mode of procuring medical equipment.

24×7 facility and coverage to all parts of India

Gone are the days when healthcare providers had to do all the order placing and talks with suppliers and distributors in the day itself. Online platforms have made it possible to think about 24×7 procurement just by visiting the stores and browsing through a list listing of products there. Plus, these stores are serving customers from across India, which is a pleasant department from the past when customers in big and metro cities had the advantages of being delivered anything while those in rural areas were often neglected.

Price and quality is a surety with online stores

Online stores have changed the way medical equipment is procured. Today, any clinic can do medical equipment online shopping in India easily and ensure price and quality benefits that were not available in the past. Buying directly from manufacturers is a possibility which is how price differentiation benefits reach to end users. With all well-known players from the industry listing on a single platform, getting quality equipment is now just a click away.


Post Author: Meagan J. Phelps

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