How many Calories can you burn on a Rowing machine?

Rowing machine provides you enough support to burn your calories. It is a very demandable and efficientcardio machine. Many people are now using this device for a full body exercise. When you want to get a quick result, it works best. If you concerned about the amount of burned calories using this tool, please read the article carefully. The number of calories will burn using this tool depends on several factors. We’ll discuss on several factors also.

Amount of Calorie Burnon a Rowing Machine

A statistics was showing that rowing at a medium pace for 30 minutes burns about 210 calories for a 135-pound individual and 310 calories for an 184-poundperson. These numbers are increasing respectively for dynamicrowing. While using this machine, it is very easier to burn almost 50 more calories for someone at 125 pounds. If you follow proper rowing techniques, you’re able to burn 500-800 calories in an hour. For that reason, You have to buy the best rowing machines in the market.You can also use the below formulas to calculate the amount of burned calories:

  • For Men: Number of Burned Calories = [(Your Age×0.2017) – (Your Weight×0.09036) + (Your Heart Rate×0.6309) – 55.0969] × Workout Time/4.184.
  • Women’s formula: Number of Burned Calories = [(Your Age×0.074) – (Your Weight×0.05741) + (Your Heart Rate×0.4472) – 20.4022] × Workout Time/4.184.

Few Factors You Must Know

There are some important factors which you have to consider to burn calories using this machine.

  1. Body Weight

Sometimes the amount of burned calories depends on your bodyweight. If you are a little bit heavier than average weight, you’re able to burn calories than alighter person. So, you need to plan to slash calories regarding your body weight.

  1. Intensity Level

The level of intensity is a major factor when you’re using rowing machine. The amount of calories will burn higher at the vigorous intensity than medium or lower. So, you need to focus on the density also. If you are a primary or intermediate level user, you need to focus on proper rowing techniques first. Without proper training don’t go for higher intensity. If you are going to dynamic pace without gathering proper techniques, it causes health issues.An average weighted person can burn around 500-600 calories per hour at the higher intensity.

  1. Specific Time Limit

When you are working hard using this machine, you can burn more calories. But you need to maintain thepropertimeline for each rowing workout techniques. Do not try to break the rules of time limit on your applied techniques. When you are a very new to use this machine, you need to follow shorter methods.

Weight Loss Guidelines

Rowing involves the whole body practically. As a result, it is much taxing than any other cardio workouts. Before going to apply rowing exercises, you have to gather proper methods. Without collectingappropriatetechniques, you will not get agood result. However, rowing machine helps you to lose weight quickly than any other cardio machines. If you are a primary user, try to maintain the intensity at the pace of 25-30.

In general,rowing machine is the first choice for everyone to lose weight. People of all classes areusing this durable and reliable toolto lose body weight quickly. The amount of burned calories depends on your proper use of this device. It is the very natural process of increasing the burning amount. This machine is now available in every local gym. So, you needn’t think harder about the availability if this device. It will always give you the feelings of the best cardio machine.

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