How to Create a Soothing Meditation Space

In today’s society, we have become overly focused on getting as much done as fast as we can. In doing so we have forgotten how to slow down and relax. For many people, this has led to a multitude of different issues. The biggest being health issues. In relearning to slow down and relax we have learned that there is not a one size fits all solution to this issue. There are people that just need to sit still for a few seconds and take a few deep breaths. Some people need to exercise. Other people need isolation. Some people need to talk to others. Some people utilize hobbies. For several of these techniques, having a dedicated space will add to the overall effect on the individual.

To create a soothing and relaxing space, the decor and location of the space must be personalized. Creating this space in your home will give you that visual reminder of the need to relax every time you pass by that space. The location and the decor of the space are the two key things to be taken into consideration when creating your meditation space.

The Location of this space needs to be so that you will have access to it when you need it. If this space is in your home, then the first thing to take into consideration is the activity level of that area. Is this space a separate room or part of a room? The amount of room needed for your space all depends on the original use of that room or space. The flow of traffic in the space has a huge influence on one’s ability to relax. Finding the perfect space is a very personable decision.

As big of a decision as the location of your space is decorating that space often takes longer to complete. The decor of the space has a large effect on the feeling of the space. What we see our mind associates with different energy levels and activities. When we see a T.V. we think of watching T.V. shows. Therefore, having a T.V. in the meditation space will lead to our mind thinking of watching T.V. shows instead of winding down and relaxing. Detailed attention needs to be put into decorating your space. The furniture, the wall decorations, the carpet or rugs, the lighting, the music, and any other items in the room need to be aimed at assisting in your ability to relax. It is best to keep the items in this space down to a minimum.  You don’t really need anything more than space and yourself. Therefore, the fewer items the fewer distractions.

Make this space personable. To help in doing this you can use the internet to find coupons and discounts on the items you want to purchase for the room.  Nordstrom Rack has many home decor items that would be appropriate for the medication space. Nordstrom Rack provides all of their discount and coupons on a site called  Go with what your gut tells you to do when choosing your location and decor. It is your space and it is all about helping you relax.

Post Author: Eva L. Reeves

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