Remember that little black dress that you saw in the window of the boutique shop last week? Or the pair of sexy shorts which you added to your wish list on the online shopping site but never ended up buying them? All you can do is sit back and envy all the girls who get to wear such sexy outfits which give them the chance to flaunt their sexy and shiny legs because you can only wear those in your dreams. WAKE UP!! It is not as difficult to turn this dream into reality as you think it to be. Just a little bit of effort from your side and you will no longer need to give a second thought while buying the little skirt! Read on to know a few tips and tricks that will surely let you live your bikini life.


Well of course not to the real meaning of the word! What I meant here is the first and foremost thing that will help you in achieving those sexy legs is by hair removal. You might choose any of the techniques- waxing or razors! However, if you are planning to go for a razor, it is advised to choose the electric razors. Do the shaving in gaps of days according to the hair growth. Waxing is undoubtedly more effective because it removes the hair from deep inside and stops further hair growth soon. There are various kinds of wax to choose from. Go for chocolate wax if your leg is tanned. Remember that you should not apply moisturizer before waxing. Waxing leaves your legs smooth and shiny.Image result for HOW TO GET THOSE SEXY AND SHINY LEGS


You might get cuts and rashes soon after the hair is removed. You can use ice cubes, antiseptics or aloe-vera gels to treat them. It is nothing to worry about.


After the hair removal technique is over, it is essential to moisturize your legs. Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type and do the massage in the best possible way because massaging is essential for the moisturizer to get soaked into your skin. You can also choose olive oil to add to the extra shiny look. Some shimmer lotions are also available in the market to gift your legs an added softness and shine.


It is important to remove the dead cells from the surface of your leg’s skin in order to get those shiny legs. You can easily visit a beauty parlor where they offer the service. You can go for a full body spa as it will be good to rejuvenate your whole body along with the legs. However, you can take care of this step right at home as well. Use a body scrub that is available in market on daily basis at a discounted price. You can make your own scrub with a mixture of sugar, lemon and olive oil. Leave the scrub for a few minutes and wash it off to feel a remarkable difference!

  •    TONE IT UP!

Even after achieving smooth and shiny legs, you might hesitate from hitting the streets wearing shorts, the reason being that your legs are not well toned. If you are lucky to have toned legs because of your daily visits to the gym or just as a blessing, you need to worry about this. You might not like your thighs while you are satisfied with the calves or vice versa. Spotting out the target areas will help you in choosing the right toning exercise. Lunges and squats are sure to help. Swimming, running, jogging, skipping and cycling are few more activities to do that will help in toning the legs. You can always visit the gym and consult the gym trainer if you feel you cannot handle it on your own. Drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet because exercising requires the right food to work its magic. If you are doing it at home, probably it will take you only half an hour. Try to do it at least five days in the entire week in order to achieve your goal.


After your legs are ready, you still might feel hesitant in choosing the LBD over the maxi dress because of the spots, scars and stretch marks. Well, the truth is there are very few women who have spotless legs. Makeup does the trick! Moisturize and exfoliate your legs and then apply loose powder on it. In front of the calves, add shimmer powder to make them look sexy because, in this way, it will highlight some areas and thus make them look long. Add a bit of liquid bronzer and add to the shine and sexiness!

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