How to Improve Your Confidence with Hair Transplant?

Hair loss or baldness is not a disease; it’s just a sign of some type of deficiency or is the matter of age. Though there can be other reasons as well like stress, lifestyle, poor nutrition, side effects, hormonal and genetic changes. But hair loss affects the personality and confidence level. A person with the bald head will generally look 10-years elder to his real age, develops shaky confidence. With more vogues of the social media on the internet, people are becoming more and more addicted about their appearances and personality. We often see people post selfies very frequently; they apply many filters so the picture looks flawless but a bald person always feels low on confidence to do so as per stats.

Today hair loss has become a very serious problem amongst young people; even people are facing premature baldness at young ages of the twenties. Baldness is an unpleasant truth for the millions of men and women. While the average person’s hair fall is between 50-100 hair strands per day, though some thinning is bound to occur as a normal part of the ageing process. In Indian society the looks are a very sensitive issue, a person is a judged by his/her smartness/looks even if he/she is a good person at heart, the looks and smartness are given more significance.

So what’s the solution?

  1. Hair Transplantation

The good news is this that now you can restore your hair and gain that confidence back. People don’t hesitate to go under the knife just to tailor the looks, the solution of hair transplantation is also becoming the successful and most accepted and preferred method to get rid of baldness. You can connect with NHT team to know more about hair transplant in Delhi.

What does hair transplant do?

It’s a surgery in which the hair from the back of the head or other body part is harvested and is implanted into the bald area of the head. Slowly those hairs will start growing as a part of normal hair growth. The main thing to keep in mind is to get this treatment you should find an expert and experienced surgeons like a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. The best of taking this treatment is it’s simple, quick, permanent, so why give it a second thought, talk to our NHT team to find if you are eligible for hair transplant or not. Natural Hair Transplant doctors analyze few points such as age, level of baldness, hair quality and expectations from this procedure. There is very little risk of skin infection but if proper post treatment care is taken then it’s a success for you. There are various methods like FUE, FUT, DHI, you can opt which you feel is satisfactory plus what a doctor recommends you.


  1. Using drugs

Using medicines called Minoxidil or finasteride daily, as the hair falls from the lower part of the hair, and the new hair starts to grow. This drug empowers the blood vessels, which increases the supply of blood circulation and hormones in the affected areas.  These medicines can reduce hair fall, but in most cases, it has been seen that pausing the medicine intake the results stops too.

Apart from these, there is also an injection called corticosteroid, which is given in the scalp in case of Alopecia Areata. This treatment is usually repeated every month. Many times, even doctors recommend eating corticosteroid tablets due to excess hair fall.

  1. Cosmetic Treatment

Synthetic Hairstyle – Specially designed makeup can be used to cover the affected area of baldness.

Importance of hair in our society

People have a general tendency to have long and thick hairs on the scalp because hair can totally change the personality. Hair and beauty have been associated since ages in Indian culture plus hair are extremely symbolic. Since our first impression is due to our appearance, there is a need to pay a little more attention to look. It simply means that you should dress up according to the occasion and pay attention to personal hygiene. Small things like your hair-cut, nails and footwear etc influence your personality. So hair is part of one’s personality, having great hair is surely going to boost your confidence level.

People having healthy and thick hair invest so much in getting hair styles, haircuts, rebonding, smoothening etc, but what if you are one of the person’s with the bald head. Don’t worry now you have a sure shot solution to get those hairs back with which you can once again feel young, more confident and positive about yourself.

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