Ireland & anabolic-androgenic drug laws

The steroids are available in the Ireland both in oral and injectable forms. But, it is difficult to choose the best one. For the beginners, oral form is advisable because it is easy to consume. If they take injections, there are chances of injecting in nerves or tendons. This can cause irreversible damage, even death. Countries say Mexico, Thailand sell anabolic drugs without any prescription and their country won’t stipulate any laws against it. But, the USA, UK, Australia, and Brazil handle the AAS selling as illegal. If a person is found with a such AAS in the cited countries, he will be punished as per their country law.

Legality of AAS in Ireland

In the Republic of Ireland, the usage of anabolic supplements keeps on increasing, especially among the younger age people. There are a lot of differences in country law between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Though selling & buying AAS is illegal in Northern Ireland, still, users are running behind many online sources, underground labs and black markets. In the Northern Ireland, Steroids are classified under Class C category. Anabolic drugs, cannabis, and tranquilizers come under the is Class C drug. Here, if anyone is caught with Class C drug for personal use, he will be imprisoned for two years with a fine and if the drug possession is in large amount hefty fine along with five years imprisonment will be sentenced.

The Prices of AAS:

Dianabol cost in Ireland is cheap. Purchasing a high-quality product like Anadrol through USP labs or Irishroids will ensure to get an uncompromising and pure product irrespective of the cost. But be sure not to sacrifice the quality of drug for money. The prices vary from source to source. Some sites provide “Buy 1 and Get 1 free” discounts and some provide “Free shipment all over the world”. The buyer has to decide the seller after a thorough scrutiny for getting a perfect product. It is better to avoid purchasing anabolic androgenic drugs from India because it has been legal there to get the drug with or without prescription. So, the quality should be concerned. The product may be counterfeit, contaminated, out of expiry date, poor quality. The same applies to Hongkong and Columbia.

How to purchase anabolic drugs?

Persons who live In the Republic of Ireland can able to go to the drug store, purchase AAS and use them without any fear. They do not need to search a legitimate source to buy the drug. IrishRoids, IRLGear, and the many UK and European merchants ship AAS to the Ireland. Most of the people purchase AAS to build up their muscles quickly. Along with positive effects such as building muscle mass, stamina, strength, the anabolic steroids bring out negative impacts too. The side effects depend on the dosage, steroid quality. High anabolic androgenic drugs will produce virilization effects which would be adverse in women, baldness, and changes in libido, impotence, erectile dysfunction, liver and kidney damage in men. The most common and minor side effects are a headache, nausea, vomiting, and palpitation.

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