Do You Know About Clinics for Methadone Maintenance?

If you are addicted to opiates, then any methadone clinic will be right place to visit where you will be provided with medication maintenance, so that you quit them. If you can continue for minimum 1 year with methadone maintenance program, then it can change your life and may help you to remain sober.

You may find out methadone clinics in Idaho too, as such clinic exists in almost every state of the USA. Methadone is quite inexpensive and effective for treating serious opiate addiction. Nevertheless, to be eligible for such treatment, patients need to meet few federal and state requirements.

If you are still unsure then, here we have provided answers to some important questions that you may have, regarding getting methadone treatment in Idaho at any methadone clinic.

Who is right candidate for methadone treatment?

Anyone who is really addicted to opiates currently, and also those who are addicted minimum for last 1 year before sending request for methadone treatment, can be considered for treatment with methadone.

The length of use of opiate by the patient can also be proven with any letter from doctor certifying about the length of such addiction or if there are records available for past opiate treatments. Other ways to justify the duration of opiate use is a notarized certification about opiate use by any family member or any clergy member, any history about arrest for drugs, any confirmation about such addiction from parole or probation officer.

Can you obtain methadone prior to 1 year of this addiction?

Pregnant women or anyone who have been ever released from jail within the last 6 months, and those who were treated in the past with methadone may get into methadone treatment program. They need not prove about 1 year of addiction to opiate.

Can someone under the age of 18 get methadone?

Minors too are eligible for this drug if they can prove 2 documented treatments or any detox attempts within last 12 months and also they have any written consent from their parent or guardian.

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