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Every Women’s Guide to Clenbuterol

Over the years, Clenbuterol or Clen was used both by male and female bodybuilders for burning off the fat and making the muscles more visible. Nowadays, most people are endorsing the steroid for women who are interested in losing weight. So, recently it has been seen that the drug has become extremely popular amongst women. In most magazines, you will come across articles where celebrities have written about how it has helped them lose weight. But before you include it in your routine, you should do a proper research as to what dosage you should follow to enjoy the benefits of the drug safely without harming your body.

The right dosage for women

When we talk about suplementos para emagrecer e definir o corpo feminino, Clenbuterol tops the list. For any beginner, the suggested dose to start off is 20mcg daily for the first three weeks. This lets your body to get accustomed to the drug and you can closely monitor if it is suiting you or causing any kind of side effects. The maximum limit for women is 120mcg. If you require more than the specified dosage, then it indicates that this drug is not right for you. The standard cycle is 12 weeks. As mentioned, you should start with the dose of 20mcg for the initial 3 weeks and then gradually increase it during the rest of the cycle. Normally, Clen is stacked with other steroids like Anavar for best results. But you should be very careful while stacking and do proper research beforehand. As both the drugs interact, their effects can cause a lot of stress on your body. Hence it is always advised that you gather information about which drug goes well with Clen. 

Expected results

Some of the benefits of using Clen are:

  • Suppression of appetite – This ensures that you won’t feel hungry often. This resists the craving for food and helps you to stick to the predetermined diet plan.
  • Promotion of growth of the lean muscles– Clenbuterol stimulates the process of muscle building and leads to faster muscle gains by simultaneously burning down the fat.
  • Boosts the metabolic rate– The dominant thermogenic properties of the product increases the body temperature, thereby boosting the metabolic rate. When combined with regular exercise the rate of fat burn increases drastically.
  • Speeds up the recovery– Clen minimizes the recovery time required after every workout, thus allowing you to work out faster.
  • Increases the endurance of muscles– Clenbuterol increases the oxygen supply to your muscles, thus boosting your endurance during the workouts. This helps you to do intense workouts without getting tired.

Its rising craze in Hollywood

The Hollywood celebrities have found Clenbuterol as a wonder drug amongst all other suplementos para emagrecer e definir o corpo feminine that helps you to lose weight drastically. As per them, these slimming pills are the reason behind their zero figures. It has gained huge popularity amongst this elite class due to its capability to burn weight faster. Considering these celebrities as their role model, most women have started accepting this drug gladly to help them slim down quickly.

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