Lasik Eye Surgery: Things You Need To Know

LASIK is one of the most effective types of surgery for the eye along with PRK and LASIK. It offers high level of success rate when it comes to restoring good eyesight. This surgery is intended to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism and other condition. This is helpful because you can now see clearly without wearing eye glasses or contact lenses. This is one of the most common eye surgery that is useful for people who are suffering from eye problems or issues.

Just like any kind of surgery, if you are interested to know if LASIK is safe, there are some potential side effects, risks and limitations that you need to understand before undergoing such procedure. It is very imperative to choose an experience and skilled LASIK eye surgeon to decrease the risks and allow you to attain the best results of this procedure.

Knowing if you are best candidate for LASIK eye surgery is also imperative as well. Your eye specialists of doctor will perform proper diagnostic exam to check if you are suitable for eye surgery procedure. Typically, the doctor will check if the thickness and shape of the cornea, refractive errors, moistness of the eyes, medical history, medications and other factors. After the complete eye check-up, the physician will determine if you are fit for the procedure significantly.

The Risk and Limitations of LASIK Eye Surgery

Keep in mind that not everyone is an appropriate candidate for the LASIK eye procedure from Dr. Naveen Somia. There are certain anatomical factors and conditions that can increase the risk of adverse outcome or may limit the result of this surgery. Factors like active autoimmune disorders, pregnancy, age, dry eyes, unstable vision, high refractive error, large pupils and irregular or too thin corneas can affect your capacity to get the benefits of LASK eye surgery.

Possible Side Effects of LASIK Eye Surgery

Even if LASIK surgery is very effective and safe there are some case wherein there are some side effects in rare cases. Below are the possible side effects of LASIK eye surgery.

Temporary Vision Disturbances and Discomfort

In rare cases, the patients may experience temporary vision disturbances and discomfort like light sensitivity and mild irritation. Reduced sharpness, hazy vision and dry eyes are common symptoms. On the other hand, there are just temporary and may last from weeks to months, which may depend on the patient’s individual condition.

Choosing the Right LASIK Eye Surgeon

To assure that you can benefit from the benefits of LASIK eye surgery, it is very ideal to select the right doctor who can help bring back your bright and clear vision. Eyelid surgery procedure at can guarantee you the best outcome. Set an appointment now so you can discuss everything.

Is LASIK safe? Yes, it is completely safe as long as you know the side effects, risks or if you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery. Nonetheless, LASIK is undeniably the best option because it offers the best results.

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