Myths About Laser Hair Removal And Waxing

There is actually a lot of misconception going on about hair removal, and if you are thinking about waxing or hair laser removal, you should read this article. Most of what people believe is actually not true, and if you want laser hair removal, check out the IPL hair removal Brisbane by The Facial Hub.

Myth: The color of your skin is important

For some reason, people believe that if they have darker skin they will not be able to have laser hair removal, as the texture or their skin complexion will be ruined. However, the darker your body is the better the treatment will actually work. The bigger contrast between your skin tone and your hair the better.

After some time, your hairs might stop growing

Myth: You need to shave

A lot of people are embarrassed to go into laser hair removal without shaving, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. You do not need to shave before going in for the procedure, and if your hair is too long, the worst thing that can happen is that the doctor will cut your hair shorter. Usually, a consultation will clear this right up.

Fact: You need more than one treatment

You need to have more than just one laser hair removal procedure done for you to see any real improvement, but that does not always have to be true. The laser will work under your skin to damage the roots of your hair, making it unable to grow after some time.

Myth: There is “no pain”

Some people who had laser hair removal surgery claim that there was no pain, but it is not out of the ordinary for you to experience any kind of discomfort or pain during the procedure. To help minimize the pain, sometimes the patients would take painkillers 30 minutes before the procedure, and if it is too much, you can always have a body waxing Brisbane at The Facial Hub.

Fact: Your hair needs to grow about 1/8 inches before waxing

This is very important because the wax needs to grab onto something before you will be able to pull out your hair. This is another reason why people get laser hair removal instead, as after some time your hair will just stop growing.

Men are also very frequent as they tend to wax their back and chest

Myth: Hair grows back thicker

We have all heard this already, as some people believe that when you shave or wax your hair will grow back quicker, but that is not true. The reason you might think that is because the old hair is now gone, and the new and healthy hair will grow back, which has nothing to do with the thickness at all.

Fact: You have to exfoliate

While this might not be necessary for everyone, after the third day of waxing, you should get a good scrub and exfoliate your waxed skin, which takes care of the pores and closed areas that are more prone to be clogged up. This is very important if you are waxing any area on your face.

Final word

You should already know but there is nothing wrong with having body hair, and if you do decide to remove it, you need to choose the method first. Laser hair removal, as well as waxing, are the two most popular methods that women and even men remove their unwanted body hair. But both of them tend to be quite painful for some, so make sure to talk to your doctor.

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