Poliveil Spit Mask – Designed To Keep Law Enforcers Safe

Usually, when criminals are being arrested in a public place, where there is a huge crowd around, they will use towels or T-shirts to cover the criminal’s face and protect their identity. However, this is not the way it should be done, as criminals are not able to see anything in front of them. Today, there is a mask specially designed for this and other similar cases.

Choose from three different types of masks

The Poliveil Spit Mask

If you work as a law enforcer, getting the Poliveil Spit Mask might be something worth considering. This mask is specially made so that it will hide the identity of the criminals, while still allowing them to see everything that is happening in front of them. If this got your attention, there are spit masks for sale from Spit Mask so better buy one and read everything you want to know.

Since the mask is made in such a way, it allows the suspects to walk normally and not trip over anything. Unlike with the towel or T-shirt, the Poliveil Spit Mask will not fall off, and it protects everyone around from common dangers.

You might have realized that that is not the only use of this mask, as it is also designed to protect the law enforcers and everyone on the scene from the criminals and spit-borne viruses. This is why the Spit Mask should be a norm for all law enforcers today.

The benefits

Excluding the obvious benefits, there are a couple of things you should also know when it comes to this mask. It is meant to be used only on one person at the time, it is compact and easy to be carried, it provides privacy to the suspect and allows them to see in front, it is a breathable and hygienic veil mask.

The Spit Mask will protect you from the dangers of spit attacks

There is a lot more to this mask than just what is mentioned above, which is why you might want to check out the different spit guard for sale at Spit Mask website. All the necessary information will be listed there, so read carefully.

Risks of getting spat on

Many people do not take the ‘spitting incidents’ too seriously, and they should. There have been many cases where the officers or even the medical team who was spat on by the criminals got a bad infection, virus and many other diseases that can be transmitted through spit.

This mask will help reduce the risk of law enforcers getting any of the spit-borne viruses, such as hepatitis C, HIV and other high-risk infections that can be transmitted through saliva. It is always easier to prevent than to cure once the infection has been spread.

There are actually three different masks you can have, and all of them serve the same purpose in a different manner. This all depends on the reason behind purchasing the Spit Mask, and it is very important to check out the options before just randomly choosing.

Final word

Before purchasing any product on the market, it is always better to do your research and inform yourself about everything concerning the product. The Poliveil Spit Mask is made for the law enforcers by the law enforcers, but they are not the only ones who could get some use out of the Mask!

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