SARMs – Today’s Answer to Bodybuilding

The fact that steroids help you in building muscles is not new. They make the muscles by increasing the level of testosterone that aids in boosting the protein synthesis in the cells and burning fat. But the sad part is, in this process, the steroids harm your body by causing a lot of side effects. Fortunately, with the introduction of SARMs, you no longer have to depend on steroids for bodybuilding. These SARMs are a lot more selective than steroids. With them now you can grow your muscles without worrying about the side effects. Another positive aspect is these can be taken orally and need not be injected.

Some bodybuilding steroids

When we talk about SARMs bodybuilding supplements, the following names are worth mentioning:

  • Andarine (S4) – It was introduced initially for treating muscle wasting diseases, prostate enlargement, and osteoporosis. Unlike most androgenic compounds it focuses on the sites of muscles and bones. Though it is a highly active compound, its binding affinity is 1/3rd compared to that of testosterone. But it has both men and women can use a range of benefits like it, increases the lean muscle mass, stimulates fat loss, boosts the libido and promotes recovery.
  • LGD-4033 (Anabolicum or Ligandrol) – This non-steroidal oral SARM is relatively new in the market. It binds to the androgen receptors selectivity with high affinity. It exhibits anabolic activity in muscles, anabolic activity and anti-resorptive in bones and a strong selectivity for flesh and bone. The SARM was created to help treat the typical symptoms of muscle wasting in diseases like cancer and also age-related muscle loss. Some of its benefits are it leads to improved lean muscle mass, reduces the body fat, improves the overall strength level and has excellent healing properties.
  • Ostarine (MK-2866) – This SARM was also introduced for preventing and treating the muscle wasting disease. It applies its anabolic effect exclusively on the muscles tissue. It has a vast potential in muscle building in bodybuilders and athletes. It also works as a good agent and helps minimize the atrophy while recovering from any serious surgery. Ostarine not only maintains the lean body mass but also enhances it. The list of benefits of this SARM is it is beneficial for gaining strength, lean muscle mass, body recomposition, improves the endurance level and can heal joints.

Is it legal?

This is an important aspect. In 2015, some lawsuits were raised against SARMs that tried to prohibit its use. However, many of these lawsuits against SARMs have been dismissed. Till date, there are no successful actions against any of the SARMS companies in the court. Even the FDA has not indicated that there would be a change in their position. Considering the advanced research, you can expect to use the product safely not only in the medical field but also regarding real fitness.

Where to buy

The quality of the SARMs bodybuilding supplements is best when bought online. Here, you get quality products at a reasonable price. The online stores are not only convenient to purchase, but here you also get attractive deals. There are many sellers available, so you have to do sufficient research to select the best.

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