Sexual Problems In Men And What You Need To Know

As soon as you realize that there is something wrong, you should always visit a male sexual health clinic. However, in this article you will get to see one of the most common problems that occurs, and if you can relate to it, you should definitely visit your doctor.

What is a sexual dysfunction?

A sexual dysfunction or a problem, is a problem that happens during sexual intercourse, which prevents the couple or the man to perform and experience satisfaction from the activity. There are 4 phases in the sexual response cycle: excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution.

Find a doctor who is most suitable for you, it will be much easier in the long-run

Researchers suggest that sexual dysfunction is more common in women than in men, but many of them do not want to discuss it (31% of men and 43% of women report some sort of difficulty). Since most of the cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, you should make sure you report them.

The cause of male sexual problems

Usually, the problem in men is caused by a psychological or physical problem:

  1. Physical causes

There are many physical and medical conditions that can be the culprits of sexual dysfunction. Some of these conditions can include heart and vascular disease, diabetes, alcoholism, liver or kidney failure, drug abuse, or neurological disorders. In addition, some drugs might list sexual dysfunction as a side effect as well.

  1. Psychological causes

These are fairly obvious, as they usually include work-related stress and anxiety, relationship or marital problems, concerns about sexual performance, feelings of guilt, depression, and sometimes it can be a result of a trauma.

Who is affected by the sexual problem?

Both women and men can be affected by sexual problems, and this can occur in adults of all ages. Usually the ones that are affected are the ones in the geriatric population, which can also be related to their declined health that is associated with age. The common problems in men are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder and inhibited sexual drive.

Ejaculation disorder

There are different types of this disorder:

– Premature ejaculation, which means that you will ejaculate before or soon after penetration.

– Retarded or inhibited ejaculation, which is when the ejaculation is very slow to occur.

– Retrograde ejaculation, which occurs when you orgasm and the ejaculate is getting forced back into the bladder and it does not go out at the end of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction

This is also known as impotence, and it is defined as the inability to have and maintain an erection. Causes of erectile dysfunction usually include diseases that are affecting blood flow; for example, atherosclerosis, nerve disorders; some psychological factors, such as performance anxiety and depression; and even an injury to the penis

Inhibited sexual desire

Also known as the loss of libido, refers to a decreased desire or interest in a sexual activity. This can happen due to a psychological or physical factor. It has also been connected with the lower levels of the hormone testosterone.

Don’t let any of these conditions ruin your love life

Final word

It goes without saying, but if you feel any discomfort during or before sex, or you have any other problems on the side, like gut problems, you should immediately visit your doctor. Make sure you have your own doctor, as that will make appointments and everything much easier.

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