Skin care routine followed by the dermatologists – Everyday should be a good skin day

Do you feel tempted enough to shove a dermatologist whom you met at the cocktail party to ask her about the best skin care routine that she follows? Well, we all are always hunting for the best skin care tips so that everyday could be turned to a good skin day. You must be eager to ask the top experts about how they maintain the fresh and young look their skin. We have compiled a list of skin care regime that is followed by the dermatologists themselves. Try them out to see whether you can take care of your skin.

#1: They always pour on the sun protection

To make sure that they have enough layers of sunscreen on their skin, they pour on that extra layer of protection. They take a broad spectrum of sunscreen on their palm, which is almost equal to half a teaspoon and this sunscreen has got SPF 30 or even more than that coat her neck, ears and face. The derms usually apply 2 coats of sunscreen as they believe that it is the best way to stay covered and coated against the harmful rays of the sun.

#2: They prefer to look sun-kissed

If you add a little tint to your skin, this makes you look younger as it evens your skin tone and this was a result of the recent study done by Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist in Cambridge. You can get the best skin care products from and buy a lotion which has got a low level of self-tanner. This adds a natural glow to your skin.

#3: They eat a healthy breakfast

The first meal of the day or the breakfast is very important as it helps you break your fast after the long night. For most of the dermatologists, their breakfast comprises of almonds. Almonds usually contain fatty acids which puts a brake on skin inflammation which increases changes of sagging, fine lines and blotchiness. If you don’t feel like having a nut, you can have tuna, salmon or watch out for better dinner and lunch sources.

#4: They apply spray to do away with dryness

The dermatologists always try their best to keep their skin supple and hence they apply spray several times in a day. Rose Water can be one of the most soothing sprays to apply. They do so even when they’re stuck in the traffic. The spray that they use is water packed with selenium and other minerals as it protects them from damaging their skin.

Therefore, if you want to follow the skin care routine followed by the professional derms, you can consider following the above listed tips to make everyday a good skin day.

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