Starting All Over Again

After 3 years of neglecting this blog, many failed attempts at getting back into working out, I am determined to change my life for the better.

When I first started this blog, I knew that I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, and then, things got into the way. So much that I totally neglected this blog. Many things in my life has changed, such as getting married, having a child and struggling with fitness and being healthy of course.

Today, I had a breakdown. I had came back from signing up for a gym membership and grocery shopping. I had a not so great experience signing up at the gym, and looking at my bank account dwindling down got me a bit upset. I had realized that majority of the food I had bought that day were good, and looking back I had realized that I had been eating really bad and buying food that was just plain unhealthy because it was cheaper. It really got to me because to be healthy, we tend to spend a lot of money, while it is so much cheaper to eat unhealthy. Maybe I’ve been going at it wrong, but I want to go into the right direction.

I just want to be healthy: feel more energized, eat better (and get my family to eat better as well) and fit.

Since I am on a budget, (aren’t we all?) and I am determined to stick to this journey this time around, I figured that I would keep track by blogging about it.

I pretty much am starting all over again with this blog, and I’m okay with that. My past posts are still there if you want to read but I’m moving forward with a new outlook on health and life as well.

There is so much I need to change on here to update the dust off this blog too – slowly but surely!