Strategies for Making Changes for your Eyes With Cosmetic Surgery

For a lot of, making changes towards the eyes through cosmetic surgery is one thing they would like to do. However, so many people are unsure steps to make this transformation and do not comprehend the process. When you train with a trustworthy plastic surgeryclinic in Korea, you will notice that the cosmetic surgeons will help you get the ideal eyes.

Probably the most popular methods in Korea is double eye lid surgery. This is actually the procedure for developing a natural searching double eye lid. When going to a cosmetic surgeon, make sure that she or he has familiar with this process and may demonstrate what your eye lid may be like following a procedure.

At Pitangui Cosmetic Surgery in Korea, double eye lid surgery is among their most requested-about methods. They provide several techniques according to your vision and can make sure that your surgery goes easily without any scarring. A few of the techniques available are non-cut, cut and partial cut. The cut strategy is frequently completed to eyes with increased fat around them. For individuals after some less fat, choices may opt to use a hidden suture technique.

At Pitangui Cosmetic Surgery, the double eye lid surgical treatment is done within half an hour, and patients will have the ability to go back to their normal activity rapidly. Using the hidden suture technique, you will notice that your naturally formed double eye lid is completed with minimal harm to the tissue, and also the scars are hidden beneath the eye lid.


Pitangui Cosmetic Surgery not just offers eye lid surgery, they also help fix sleepy eyes, angry eyes, and sad eyes. They’ll help to make necessary changes so you get the ideal eyes. They at Pitangui Cosmetic Surgery will talk to you before your surgery to obtain a complete knowledge of what you’re searching for. She or he will answer any queries you may have concerning the procedure.

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