Use These Tips to Differentiate Between Real and Fake Anavar 

Anavar has quickly gained popularity in the fitness world. Most of the body builders and fitness freaks are considering Anavar because of its amazing body building effects. However, in today’s competitive world, a big part of the market is filled with fake and poor-quality products and Anavar is no exception.

Being a popular product, no wonder, you come across some fake supplements labeled as   Anavar. Consumption of such products could be dangerous for health. We know it’s impossible just to look at the tablets and say if it’s fake or real. This article will help you differentiating between a fake and real steroid:

How users are cheated using the name of Anavar?

Users are cheated by the black-market dealers in basically two ways:

Label deception

Here, the steroids are real, but it’s not Anavar. Most of the times, Underground labs replace real steroids with some cheap alternatives like Dianobol.

This news came to light when some users posted the pictures of fake Anavar pills on steroid forums asking if the steroids are real or fake, as the results were not as expected. Dianobol is a real steroid and it’s cheaper than Anavar. It doesn’t have after effects, but it’s not as effective as Anavar.

Fake product

This could have worst outcome because users are being sold some fake drugs labeled as Anavar.

How can I know if the steroids are fake or real?

As mentioned, it’s impossible to identify just by looking. Only a well-trained eye can do that. However, we have some tips for you that will help you differentiate between the real and fake steroids, before making any purchase:

  • Collect information about the different sources i.e. leading manufacturers, suppliers etc.
  • Now, activate your spying skills, take out some time and make some research regarding their legitimacy and authenticity.
  • Read reviews posted by steroid users. Ask for feedbacks (if you don’t find any). You can easily read reviews from steroids discussion panels or forums or you can consult any trusted website.
  • However, don’t just rely on them, because it’s possible that many times what you hear is somebody’s opinion and not fact. So, investigate as much as possible.
  • Always buy from trusted and legitimate sources. Consider checking of factors like ingredients, quality, brand name, expiry dates etc
  • Ask the suppliers to prove the legitimacy by showing the references, if they don’t, step out.

It’s a good habit to research well about any steroid supplement prior to its use since we all desire a healthy life.


Post Author: Eva L. Reeves

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