What Are Valerian Root Benefits and Uses On Our Health?

know about valerian root benefits
know about valerian root benefits

Valerian is very popular for its sedative, anxiolytic, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, antiseptic, anti-diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. This supplement is used in natural treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, blood pressure, headaches, menstrual cramps, or joint pains. The herb is used for the chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHD, epilepsy, stomach upset or other conditions. But, more evidence is needed to know the valerian root benefits and its effectiveness.

Can Treat Sciatica

It helps you reduce your pain and relaxes your muscles. Valerian is effective to cure sciatica pain that is related to the muscle spasm. It is because valerian has volatile oil, which helps in relaxed muscles and decreases tension. Moreover, it is the best remedy for the patients who are sleep deprived.

Helpful in ADHD Treatment

Valerian rook works together with the brain to decelerate the triggers that can cause hyperactivity as well as help in individual concentration. The adults may take around 300 – 1000 mg. Keep in mind, to consult with your doctor before giving the herb to any child.

Can Reduce Epilepsy

Valerian helps to reduce the seizures frequency happening in the epileptic patients as it has sedative effects on the nervous system. Using this as the antiepileptic treatment is supported in many animal studies. It can be of great help, just make sure you know the right dosage of valerian root

Treat the Hyperthyroidism Disease

The herb is quite popular for the muscle relaxing & sleeping effects. Like you know, insomnia is the condition that is quite common for patients having hyperthyroidism.   Valerian root helps in increasing the gamma-aminobutyric level in your body that is the neurotransmitter or healthy chemical that is used by the nervous system to send messages directly to your brain, thus calming down your nerves.

Helps in Memory Improvement

 Dried root tincture will improve your memory performance and problem solving skills among adults and children. As per the research, valerenic acid contained in the herb has got some powerful effects on memory function.

Are there any risks associated with valerian roots?

Valerian generally does not cause any kind of side effects. But, it can likely cause sedation. People feel “hangover” after using valerian. This might also cause headache, uneasiness, upset stomach, irregular heartbeat and other symptoms.

Interactions: Suppose you take any other medicines regularly, you need to talk to your physician before you start taking valerian supplements. The valerian roots can interact with a few sedatives, antidepressants, narcotics, or anti-seizure medicines. So, extreme caution must be used if you are combining valerian root with any other medications that has got sedative effects.

Risks:  Because valerian roots can act as the sedative, you need to avoid driving and using any machinery for some hours after taking this supplement. Taking valerian often can cause insomnia. This can result in the withdrawal signs after you stop taking it. Valerian can strongly interact with the alcohol and must not be used simultaneously. Check out with your doctor before you take valerian if you’ve any liver problems.

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