What is COOLSCULPTING Technology?

Coolsculpting technology is a completely natural and non-surgical approach to cosmetic treatments.  Developed by researchers at Harvard University, CoolSculpting is the newest and most innovative Clinique médico-esthétique Mediluxe technology used for the treatment of unsightly bulges from stubborn fat deposits.  


CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis is a new system designed, specifically, to expose fat cells to controlled cold—for an hour—resulting in cellular death, or apoptosis.  The dead cells, then, are sucked into an applicator and then cooled.

COOLSCULPTING Does Not Use Needles

CoolSculpting technology is able to accomplish this task without needles because the applicator features two freezer packs that have been equipped with Freeze detect sensors that can maintain a controlled [very] cold temperature without the risk of freezer burn or risk of necrosis.  The bulge of fat is covered with a  gel fabric whose purpose is to facilitate the aspiration of the fat, but also to protect the skin.  Image result for What is COOLSCULPTING Technology?


While the aspiration from the CoolSculpting applicator may cause pinching for roughly the first 10 minutes of the procedure, the cold from the process acts as an anaesthetic and this is not experienced for very long; and subsequently there is no pain or discomfort throughout the rest of the procedure. However, there may be some discomfort during the massage time that follows the removal of the applicator. Of course, this is normal for any procedure where the body has to restore feeling after anaesthesia.  At the same time, some patients do report slight itching or tingling for a few days after treatment.


While an advanced treatment protocol can last as many as 7 hours, once the procedure is done you should be able to resume mostly normal activities within a matter of hours.  You will not even have to reduce your normal levels of physical activity, no matter how strenuous they may be.  Although the procedure does not require a recovery period, but you may have certain dermal and muscle sensitivities which you can monitor to adjust your daily habits.  And while you may be out of the procedure in as little as 3 hours, the results can be visible after 2 months.

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