What is Reflexology Massage?

While it is not a traditional type of massage—and more of an acupressure technique—many of the best Euro-spa practitioners can perform reflexology massage practices to help patients to feel better.  This is a different kind of massage than what you might be used to if you visit a normal spa for a facial or other aesthetic treatment.

So, to determine how reflexology could benefit you on your next visit, let us first look at what reflexology actually as.


Reflexology is classified as an alternative medicine application which centers on applying pressure to the hands and the feet using very specific finger, thumb, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.  While some forms of massage may be somewhat painful (and should be, to a certain extent), reflexology does not require that kind of pressure.

Instead, reflexology is more about understanding that within the human body there are many kinds of systems and networks which communicate with each other.  Reflexology follows the theory that these zones or systems reflect an image of the whole anatomy within the hands and the feet.  Furthermore, the idea is that applying pressure—a la, “reflexology massage”–to these parts of the hands and feet could alleviate pain, inflammation, or other complications with those particular parts of the body.

If this sounds like Eastern medicine, then you have somewhat good instincts. The concept is largely based on the idea that the human body has a life force known as “Qi”.  Blockage of qi can prevent, slow, or reduce healing efficacy.  By applying the subtle pressure of reflexology techniques on the hands and feet, then, practitioners encourage the body to send repair signals or appropriate distress signals to encourage healing.

And this system is pretty complex.  Charts will show you exactly how, but parts of the hands and feet correspond to everything from the brain to the throat to the stomach, intestines, lungs, and even the reproductive system. As a matter of fact, there is an area near the ankles that doctors often recommend massaging to induce pregnancy in expecting mothers.

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that these theories are entirely accurate or effective to treat specific medical conditions, the technique appears to provide many with relief. And after all, isn’t that what massage is really about?

Post Author: Marcellus M. Chapman

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