What Is The Special K Challenge?

Did you know that there is a diet that you can use to lose 6 pounds 2 weeks? Yes there is and it is the special K challenge. With this challenge, you will be able to cut down on the extra calories and lose the weight.

What is it?

Special K challenge was introduced in 2011. The aim of the challenge was to help the people struggling with the extra weight an opportunity to shed off the extra weight within 2 weeks. The foundation of the challenge is; you take the 45g of the special K cereals for breakfast and throughout the day and during dinner you can take a balanced diet of your choice. You will only participate in the challenge for 2 weeks. This means that this is a short term weight loss program.3

How does it work?

For you to participate in this challenge you have to fulfill certain requirements; you have to be 18 years of age and have a BMI of above 25. The first step is for you to calculate your Basal Metabolic Index to see if you qualify.

You will have to replace your normal breakfast with the 45 g serving of the special K cereals. You need to either replace your lunch or dinner with an equal amount of the serving. If you choose to replace the lunch, you will have to take a well-balanced meal for dinner.

It is recommended that you take snacks in between your meals. With this challenge, you are supposed to replace the snacks with options like vegetables and fruits. You also need to include exercises to your routine for this challenge to be effective.

Does the challenge work?

According to the different reports that have been released, a huge percentage of people that participated in this challenge lost weight. However, the success of the program will depend in part on your metabolism.3

Are there any side effects?

The challenge can be termed off as ‘scientific’ but at the end of the day it is still a fad diet. Fad diets tend to promise quick weight loss within very short period of time. Your body does not benefit from the drastic cutting of the calories. The minimum number of calories that your body needs is 1,200. Taking anything less than that is unhealthy can lead to serious health problems.

Since it is a fad diet, it will be hard for you to keep off the weight that you have lost. That is the reason why most people tend to report weight gain after they stopped using the diet.


There is no scientific research that has linked the diet to weight loss. This calorie restriction method is extreme and can lead to serious health issues. A healthy way of losing weight is not cutting down the calories drastically and eliminating the major food groups. It is by practicing portion control.

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