Women, be careful of how you treat your body!

Celebrities and fashion icons across the world are impacting how we think about ourselves on a regular basis. We want to look like them, be like them and dress like them. While it is good to look your best, it has also put a lot of pressure on a girl in her 20s to use ‘un-natural’ tools and medications to match these beauty standards.

Taking care of your body

The latest fad of having a thin body type is impacting young girls. There have been increasing instances of girls not eating properly or only eating certain specific types of foods. This leads to malnutrition and severe deficiencies. Once discovered, they are externally treated through supplements and medications. While some supplements may be necessary and less harmful, there is no alternative for vitamins that can be added to the body through a proper diet.

Further, when one makes sudden changes to their diet and exercise plans, it leads to stress on the body which may react in different ways – through diseases and ailments. It is the body’s natural response to any kind of external stimulus which does not positively impact it and hence, you would start seeing symptoms like weakness, dizziness, hair fall, and lower immunity.

Treating your body in the right way

First of all, as mentioned, one should not make sudden changes to the diet or exercise. Crash diets and extreme exercises for someone who has never done it before may lead to a lot of problems. Therefore, a proper diet is essential even if you want to lose or gain weight. Always consult a good doctor before making these changes.

To deal with symptoms of hair fall, one can use products like minoxidil which are FDA approved and recommended by a lot of doctors. Weaker immunity can also be addressed by a proper diet and through the intake of vitamin C and natural supplements to increase the immunity such as fresh fruits.

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